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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
BINGOBiddies In Neighbourhood Gamble Openly Tony McCoy O'Grady - Bingo (where I live) is played mainly by older women in local community halls
CARD GAMESCheating, A Risky Deal, Gamblers Are Master Evasion Sleuths Robert Anonymous
CHESS (2)Clocks Help Encourage Speedy Strategy Eric Bridgstock
CHESS (3)Checkmate Hardly Ever Seems Straightforward Eric Bridgstock
CHESS (4)Castles Have Every Square Sighted Eric Bridgstock
CHESS (5)Can't Help Evoking Soporific Spectators Eric Bridgstock
CHESS (6)Champions Have Every Strategy Stored Eric Bridgstock
CONNECT FOURColoured Ovals Navigated Nicely Ensuring, Cleverly, The Formation Of Unmixed Rows Angela Brett
CRAPSCould Roll A Pass... Seven! Roger Williams
DICEDeals In Chance Events Sean Lamb
Household Objects
GAMEGenerally About Mass Entertainment Gavin Lambert, thinking mainly about sports games and the like rather than board games, but you could extend the parallel...
Sports & Recreation
GAME (2)Great Adventures, Mesmerizes Evening Jan Morgan
GAME (3)Gives Amusement, Makes Entertainment Jan Morgan
7 LETTERSL Extra - That's The Emptying Rack Score Angela Brett (in Scrabble, when you use all seven of your letters in a single word you get a bonus 50 points - L is 50 in Roman numerals.)
SATIRE (2)Six Awesome Tiles In Rack? Excellent! Angela Brett - it's well known amongst Scrabble players that the letters in SATIRE plus almost any other alphabet letter can form at least one seven-letter word.
SCRABBLESpellings Can Roam Across Board, But Look Erratic Tony McCoy O'Grady
SIMONSole Instructor - Mustn't Obey Nameless Angela Brett
SIMON (2)Somehow It's Misnamed Overseas - Naughty! Tony McCoy O'Grady, who says: Over here that game is called "O'Grady says!"