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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ADAM AND EVE (2)Apple Devoured. Absurd Mistake - Attempting Nugatory Deception. Edict: Vacate Eden! Roger Williams
JONESJealous Of Neighbours' Evident Success TMcCO'G - Who doesn't try to 'keep up with' anyone
LESLIE WEIR THE PHOTOGRAPHERLetting Engine Search Look Into Entire Web, Eventually I Received The Hard Evidence, Phrase Has Only The One Genuine Result - Apronyms Page Has Exact Requirement TMcCO'G, who did a websearch for the phrase "Leslie Weir the photographer" and got only this query (on the Unsuccessful Searches page) returned. Now there may be two results!
MISS CARSWELLMan, Is She Stupid. Can't Anyone Remember Something We've Ever Learned Lately? Peter & Christina
MOLLY MORMONMorally Obedient Led Life, Yearly. Modest Opinion Radiates Model Of Nobiity Jan Morgan -- name given to girls who don't waiver in their morals in the religion
MOTHER MARYMy Own 'Tree' Has Exact Relative & Moniker, Approximating Religious Yarn Angela Brett (whose mother is Mary) when somebody searched for Mother Mary on the acronyms website.
People & Relationships:Family
MRS. WESCOTTMath, Really Stupid? Will Everyone She Cracks On Take Trig? Peter & Christina
NAME CARDNobody Acknowledges Me, Even Cows Are Regarded Distinguished Dundee
NAMESNomenclature Applied Mostly Everywhere, Seemingly Melanie Merswolke
PAPABEARPauses Aren't Particularly Annoying Because Exponential Assignment's Rough. Angela Brett, while typing to someone called PapaBear on IRC, not minding his long pauses because she was also working on an assignment involving infinite exponentials.
RAPHAELReaching At Peace, Heaven Answers Everyone's Lessons Jan Morgan
RIETVELDRenowned Illustrator Emblazons Tshirts, Very Elaborate & Lovely Designs TMcCO'G - the search item 'RIETVELD' has been on the list so long, I did a websearch and found that Rick Rietveld does surfer illustrations for t-shirts,
RON AND JANERemember Our Names, All Net Denizens... Joint Acronymic Notoriety Everywhere Angela Brett, who doesn't know who Ron and Jane are, but speculates that the Ron and Jane who searched for that on the website were just hoping that someone would see their names on the unsuccessful searches page and expand them, so that they'd be 'famous' by being on a web site.
TEAM NAMESTop Echelon Athletes May Need A 'Moniker' Explaining Source Tony McCoy O'Grady - Most team names give a little insight into the origins of the team.
Sports & Recreation
UNKNOWNUnusual - Never Knew No-One Who's Nameless Tony McX O'Y
TURBOTried Using Regaine... Baldness Ongoing! My name is David & my old roommates nickname is Turbo, who is going bald.