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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
CARNIVAL (2)Consume All Rich Nosh In Vernally Attuned Lunacy Tony McCoy O'Grady (Carnival comes from carnem + levare: to put away meat, which was done at Lent)
Food & Drink
EASTEREggs Are Symbols That Evoke Regeneration Tony McCoy O'Grady
EASTER (2)Eaters Anagram - So True! Everyone's Rounder. Angela Brett
EASTER EGGSEnjoying A Season That Expresses Rebirth, Everybody Greedily Guzzles Some Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink:Confectionery
HOT-CROSS BUNSHow Oddly They Celebrate Religious Occasion... 'Sweet & Savioury' Bread Undoes Numerous Sins. Angela Brett
Food & Drink
HOT-CROSS BUNS (2)Holy On-Top Crucifix... Remember Our Saviour Suffered Brutality Undoing Numerous Sins Angela Brett
Food & Drink