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There is some controversy over whether paints should be eaten... read both sides of each argument and decide for yourself.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
EGGSHELLEndless Gastric Gripes - Someone Has Evidently Lapped Litres Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
EGGSHELL (2)Even Glutton Gets Satisfied - Having Eaten Liquid Lunch Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance EGGSHELL
EMULSIONEach Meal Using Liquid Suspension Isn't Overly Nutritious Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
EMULSION (2)Evening Meal's Unusually Luscious - Stir It Often, Naturally Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance EMULSION
ENAMELExpect No Appetising Meals Eating Lacquer Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
ENAMEL (2)Everyone Needs A Meal - Eat Liberally Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance ENAMEL
GLOSSGain Little Off Shiny Surface Tony McCoy O'Grady, who, after reading PAINT, said 'Now, I'm all in favour of warning people of things which are inedible but I am unconvinced that paint (in all its guises) is inedible so, on the assumption that either it is bad for one, or good for one, I've devised a dual system of acronyms....'
GLOSS (2)Good Lunching On Sleek Surface Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance GLOSS
GOUACHEGenerally One Using Artist's Colouring Hastens Enteritis Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
MATTMine's A Tad Tasteless Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
MATT (2)Makes A Tasty Treat Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance MATT
PAINT (2)Pleasing And Incredibly Nutritious. Truely. Steve Keate, balancing his negative PAINT expansion after reading Tony's GLOSS etc.
UNDERCOATUsually Non-Digestible Eaters Regularly Crouch Over A Toilet Tony McCoy O'Grady (see GLOSS)
UNDERCOAT (2)Unique Nectar - Decorators Enjoy Repasts Containing Oil And Thinners Tony McCoy O'Grady, to balance UNDERCOAT
WATERCOLOURWhen A Toxin's Eaten, Rashes Can Occur. Loads Of Unhealthy Radicals. Angela Brett (see GLOSS)
WATERCOLOUR (2)What A Taste Extravaganza! Restaurant Chefs Ought Learn Of Unusual Repast. Angela Brett, to balance WATERCOLOUR