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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BINGOBiddies In Neighbourhood Gamble Openly Tony McCoy O'Grady - Bingo (where I live) is played mainly by older women in local community halls
100% CARD GAMESCheating, A Risky Deal, Gamblers Are Master Evasion Sleuths Robert Anonymous
83% CARDSClubs, Auricles, Royalty, Diamonds and Spades Angela Brett. WARNING, plug coming up... (And don't forget to check out my card game, Once in a Lifetime! It's at
83% CHESSCheckerboard, Half Empty, Sixty-four Squares Eric Bridgstock
100% CHESS (2)Clocks Help Encourage Speedy Strategy Eric Bridgstock
100% CHESS (3)Checkmate Hardly Ever Seems Straightforward Eric Bridgstock
100% CHESS (4)Castles Have Every Square Sighted Eric Bridgstock
100% CHESS (5)Can't Help Evoking Soporific Spectators Eric Bridgstock
100% CHESS (6)Champions Have Every Strategy Stored Eric Bridgstock
100% CONNECT FOURColoured Ovals Navigated Nicely Ensuring, Cleverly, The Formation Of Unmixed Rows Angela Brett
100% CRAPSCould Roll A Pass... Seven! Roger Williams
83% CRAPS (2)Could Roll A Pair of Sixes Roger Williams
100% DICEDeals In Chance Events Sean Lamb
Household Objects
100% GAMEGenerally About Mass Entertainment Gavin Lambert, thinking mainly about sports games and the like rather than board games, but you could extend the parallel...
Sports & Recreation
100% GAME (2)Great Adventures, Mesmerizes Evening Jan Morgan
100% GAME (3)Gives Amusement, Makes Entertainment Jan Morgan
100% 7 LETTERSL Extra - That's The Emptying Rack Score Angela Brett (in Scrabble, when you use all seven of your letters in a single word you get a bonus 50 points - L is 50 in Roman numerals.)
90% PLAY CARDSPerennially Likeable - And Your Computer Allows Replaying a Deal Sometimes. Angela Brett, who would (WARNING, plug coming up) like to point out that her card game, Once in a Lifetime (at, does allow replaying of deals.
92% PLAYING CARDSPoor Loser Are You? It's No Good Cheating As Revolting Deceitfulness is Sinful Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SATIRE (2)Six Awesome Tiles In Rack? Excellent! Angela Brett - it's well known amongst Scrabble players that the letters in SATIRE plus almost any other alphabet letter can form at least one seven-letter word.
100% SCRABBLESpellings Can Roam Across Board, But Look Erratic Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SIMONSole Instructor - Mustn't Obey Nameless Angela Brett
100% SIMON (2)Somehow It's Misnamed Overseas - Naughty! Tony McCoy O'Grady, who says: Over here that game is called "O'Grady says!"