Names of specific schools and universities

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100% BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITYBelieves Receptive Instruction Good Habit. As Multitudes Yearn Occupations, Under Navigation Gives Utah Nice Institute. Varied Educational Recommendations Suits Indivduals Taught Yearly Jan Morgan -- School in Utah
100% HARVARDHaughty Alumni Resounding, "Veritas!", A Relic Declaration Robert Anonymous (Veritas is Harvard's motto, latin for truth)
100% MASSEY UNIVERSITYMay All Students Study... Except Younger Undergraduates - Nobody Interesting's Very Enthusiastic Regarding Study In Their Youth. Angela Brett, a student at Massey University.
100% RICKS COLLEGEReverence In College Knowledge Scholars. Causes One's Learning Life, Education Generates Excitement Jan Morgan
100% SAINT CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITYSomeone At Institution Needed To 'Cleverize' Lettering Of University, Didn't Say The Apronym's Topic... Expansion's Unfortunately Not Interesting. Valid Expansion Regardless... Searcher, I'll Teach You! Angela Brett, when somebody searched for this phrase on the site, but didn't leave any information on what sort of apronym was wanted.
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100% TRINITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMYTeachers Really Intimidate Nobody. Instead, They Yak. Can He Really Intimidate Students That Interrupt Another Notorious Academic Class? All Dimwits Evade Men Yelling. Peter & Christina - We both attend Trinity Christian Academy, a fine institute of learning.