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Characters in 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
BILBOBelittled Ignoramus Likes Boring Others. Carl Brett
ELRONDEgotistical Lad Rapist Of Naughty Dwarfs Carl Brett
ELROND (2)Elegant Lazy Ruler Of Nostalgic Demigods Carl Brett
ELROND (3)Elven Lord Raised One Noble Daughter Patricia Rix
ENTEat No Trees! Carl Brett
ENT (2)Enormous Noble Tree Carl Brett
FRODOFurry Runt Of Dubious Origin Carl Brett
FRODO (2)Fears Reaching Orodruin's Dire Outcome Patricia Rix
GANDALFGreat Advisor Negates Death And Looses Fireworks Patricia Rix
GANDALF THE GREYGrappled And Nearly Died After Long Fall - Though He's Evidently Gotta Return (Even Younger?) Tony McFrodo O'Baggins
GIMLIGrotty Inbred Man (Little Incomplete) Carl Brett
GIMLI (2)Goes Into Moria Less Intimidated Patricia Rix
LEGOLASLikeable Elf Goes On Long Adventure Sanguinely Patricia Rix
MERRYMany Exploits Reveal Ripening Youth Patricia Rix
ORCSOverwhelmingly Revolting, Cadaverous Scaries Patricia Rix
PIPPINPeering Into Palantir Produces Intense Nightmare Patricia Rix
SAMWISESexually Active Misfit Wanderer (Is Seeing Elrond) Carl Brett
SAMWISE (2)Sidekick Adores Master; Will Inevitably Save Everything Patricia Rix
STRIDERSilly Tall Ranger Ignores Dodgy Elrond Rapist Carl Brett