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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
BARBarney's A Regular/Resident! Angela Brett
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BAR (2)Bring Along Rowdies! Patricia Rix
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BAR (3)Beers Aren't Rationed Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BAR (4)Beer's Available Readily Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BAR (5)Belch Again, Repeatedly Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BAR (6)Bottles Available Readily. Roger Williams
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
BIG APPLEBusses' Intercity Grub Acquisition Pleases Proprietors - Lotsa Eating. Angela Brett, when the intercity bus she was on made a refreshment stop at the Big Apple restaurant.
COACH CAFECoffee, Or A Cake? Hard Currency Available Frighteningly Exclusive. Angela Brett, who didn't have much cash with her when she stopped at the Coach Cafe on her way from Auckland to Palmerston North.
COACH CAFE (2)Coffee, Or A Cake? Have Coins Affording Few Essentials. Angela Brett
COACH CAFE (3)Count Out Available Cash, Haven't Card Available For EFTPOS. Angela Brett, who actually did have her EFTPOS card but didn't want to use it as she'd have to first transfer money to her EFTPOS account using FASTPHONE.
COACH CAFFECareful Of Additional Characters... Here's Correct Apology For Flawed Expansion. Angela Brett, when she saw that the COACH CAFE, a subject of three expansions, in fact spelled caffe with two efs.
GROCERY STORESGarbage Recycling Outlets Circulating Everyday Resources You Should Taste Or Replenish Existing Supplies Rico Leffanta
KFCKnown For Calories Angela Brett
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
MCDONALDSMany Children's Diets Obviously Need A Lingering Detailed Scrutiny Tony McCoy O'Grady
NIGHTMARENow I'm Gloomy - Horton's Toilets Mean A Restless Evening! Tony McCoy O'Grady (referring to TIM HORTON'S)
STARBUCKSeaman That Apparently Registered Big (Universal) Coffee Kitchen Tony McCoy O'Cappuchino
Names:Famous people
SUPERMARKET (2)Some Unethical Proprietors Even Retail Mouldy And Rancid Kai... Expect Tummyaches! Angela Brett
TIM HORTON'S (2)There I Meet Hordes Of Relaxing Townspeople (Or Nobody, Sometimes) Tony McCoy O'Grady
TIFFANYS CAFE (2)This Intercity Fare Found A Nice Yummy Satay Chicken (Amid Flaky Encasement) Angela Brett, who ate a satay pie when she was there.
TIFFANYS CAFEThere Is Fine Food, Although Nothing You Should Carry Aboard For Eating Angela Brett, when the INTERCITY BUS she was on stopped there for a meal break. We're not supposed to bring any food aboard the bus.
TACO BELLTummy Aches Common - Obliterating & Burning Esophagus Lining, Largely. Jeff Anonymous, who suggests PEPCID to solve the stomach acid troubles caused by eating Mexican.