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Apronyms created while waiting for the lecturer to get to the point.

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100% BLAHBoring Lecture, All Humdrum. Angela Brett
100% BORED IN CLASSBecause Of Really Elementary, Dull Instruction, Now Completing Latest Acronyms Stack. See? Angela Brett, who was getting ACRONYMS 2.2 ready for release during a boring class, and had to think of an acronym to import so that the stack would know it had Update List Grape.
100% EIGENVECTORExcess Instructions Generate Exhausting, Not-Very-Exciting Classes. Tedium Often Results. Angela Brett, while sitting through a lecture about eigenvalues and eigenvectors (a topic which everyone in the class had learnt about at least once) which was being taught agonisingly slowly.
92% EIGENVECTOR (2)Employing Ineffective Gaussian Elimination's Not Very Efficient... (we) Can Think Out Results! Angela Brett, during the same lecture as the first EIGENVECTOR, when the lecturer insisted on using Gaussian elimination while finding the eigenvectors of 2 by 2 matrices despite having already pointed out that it wouldn't give us any extra information.
100% FACTS (2)Fundamentals Are Conveyed Too Slowly Angela Brett
100% FIRST-YEAR STUDENTSFriggin' Idiots Require Slow Teaching, Yeah? Educators Aren't Right - Some Totally Understand. Don't Emphasise Non-Troublesome Stuff. Angela Brett, after going to a first-year computer science lecture and being reminded of how much lecturers treat first-year students like idiots.
92% FUNDAMENTALSFirst-year Undergraduates Not Dumb, Although Many Evidently Need To Always Learn Slowly Angela Brett
100% GEOMETRYGolly, Elementary Orthogonal Matrices Excite These Randy Youths. Angela Brett, during a boring first-year algebra lecture.
83% IDIOTI Don't Intend to Overstudy This! Angela Brett, when one of her lecturers was spending an extremely long time explaining a very simple concept.
89% INFURIATED BY SLOW TEACHERSIt's Not Fair! Using Repeated Iterations is Always Tedious, Especially Done By You... Such Lavish Overuse of Whiteboard Takes Eons. Anyone Calculates in Head, Even Retarded Students! Angela Brett... (see SPANNING TREES for an explanation.)
100% OH, FOR GOD'S SAKE!Oh, How Friggin' Obvious! Really Getting Over Done. Stop Sharing Asinine Knowledge Endlessly. Angela Brett, during another annoyingly slow lecture.
100% SLEEP (2)Something Lecturers Evidently Enjoy Provoking! Angela Brett
100% SLOW TEACHERSSubject Learnt Over Weekend! To Educate A Class He Excessively Reduces Speed. Angela Brett
87% SPANNING TREESSilly! Prim's Algorithm's Not Necessarily Iterated (so) Numbingly Gradually. This is Really Easy, Elementary Stuff! Angela Brett, when a tutor was spending an hour finding the minimum cost spanning tree for a graph using Prim's algorithm, writing every single step on the board. It could have all been done in about 45 seconds - basically a game of join the dots where instead of finding the next number to decide which dot to go to next, we have to work out the minimum of a few numbers.
86% TOO SLOW FOR METhis is Obvious! Omit Such Long Orations... Why Furnish Observations (with) Ridiculously Meticulous Explanations? Angela Brett, when the lecturer spent at least twenty minutes explaining that when you add a multiple of a number to another number, say x, then x will still have the same remainder as before when divided by that number.
90% TOO SIMPLEThis Overly Ordinary Study Isn't Mathematically Pleasing... Lecture is Elementary. Angela Brett, during a boring first-year algebra lecture.