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Loose apronyms:
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100% CENSUSCollects Entire Nations Statistics - Universal Sample. Angela Brett
100% POLLPublic Opinion's Leanings Logged Angela Brett
100% PROBABILITYPredict Randomness Only By Assuming Bias Isn't Long In Term, Yes? Angela Brett
100% STATISTICSShrunk To Averages, The Information Steers Toward Incorrect Conclusions Sometimes. Angela Brett
100% STATISTICS (2)Skewed Towards Assumptions, The Information Steers Toward Incorrect Conclusions Sometimes. PiMaster, as a modification of Angela's STATISTICS.
100% STATISTICS (3)Squint To Assess The Information So Truth Isn't Clearly Shown Angela Brett, after a statistics lecturer said, "look through your eyelashes, make it blurry," which Angela thinks pretty much sums up what statistics is about.
100% STATISTICS (4)Some Times Angela Thinks It's Stupid That Information's Clouded So. Angela Brett
100% STATISTICS (5)So Taking Averages That Imply Stupid Testimony, I Can Seduce. Roger Williams