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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ARBOKAloud, Read Backwards, Ophidian's Known Angela Brett (Arbok is Pokemon #24)
ARTICUNO A Really Terrible Icebird. Chills Under No Obligation. Jeff Anonymous (Articuno is Pokemon #144)
ASHAnimated Super Hero Angela Brett, referring to the main character in the Pokemon TV series and movies.
ASH KETCHUMAll Series, He Keeps Eating, Then Coaching His Unusual Monsters. Angela Brett, referring to the character in the POKEMON TV series.
BLASTOISEBlasting Liquid Adds Speed - Third One In Squirtle Evolution Angela Brett (Blastoise is Pokemon #9)
BLASTOISE (2)Being Large And Strong Triumphs Only In Some Encounters Dundee (Blastoise is Pokemon #9)
BULBASAURBud Using Little Blighter, A Scourge Against Useless Rocket Dustan Dowsing on his favorite pokemon
BUTTERFREEBeauty Usually Toxic, Twittering Extremities Release Floating Rot. Elevatory Evolution. Angela Brett (Butterfree is Pokemon #12)
CHARIZARDCan Heat A Rock Into Zabaglione, And Roast Duelist Angela Brett (Charizard is Pokemon #6)
CHARMANDERCraves Heat -- Any Rain Makes A Near-Derriere Extremity Respire. Angela Brett (Charmander, Pokemon #4, prefers hot places. When it rains, steam is said to spout from the tip of its tail.)
CYNDAQUILComplete Yellowbelly - Normally Defensive. Attackers Quickly Understand 'Inflamed Lumbar' Angela Brett (Cyndaquil is Pokemon #155)
DIGLETTDwells In Ground, Likes Eating Tender Tubers Angela Brett (Diglett is Pokemon #50)
DITTO (2)Does Impressions - Transforms To Opponent! Angela Brett (Ditto is Pokemon #132)
DRATINIDragon Rage And Twister: I'm Now Incapacitated Angela Brett (Dratini is Pokemon #147)
DUGTRIODigletts' Usual Grouping... Three Rolled Into One! Angela Brett (Dugtrio is Pokemon #51)
DUGTRIO (2)Digletts' Underground Get-Together Results In Overkill Angela Brett (Dugtrio is Pokemon #51)
EKANSEnthusiasts Keep A Nintendo Snake Angela Brett (Ekans is Pokemon #23)
EKANS (2)Everyone Knows Anagram, No Sweat Angela Brett (Ekans is Pokemon #23)
Words & Wordplay
ENTEIElusive, Not Trappable Every Instance Dundee (Entei is Pokemon #247 - one of the three legendary beasts which is very difficult to capture)
GENGARGrimy Even Nauseating Ghoul Also Repulsive. Nevica the MAN. (Gengar is a purple, ugly, ghost pokemon #94)
GRAVELERGreat Rock Attacks Violently Electrabuzzes, Lanturns, Electrodes, & Raichus Jeff Anonymous (who decided to do Pokemon #75 as his 75th accepted acronym)
GYARADOS'Goldfish' Yields A Rare Atrocious Dragon Of Size Angela Brett (Gyarados is Pokemon #130)
HITMONCHANHe Is The Master Of Nasty Chopping, Hands Are Nimble. Angela Brett (Hitmonchan is Pokemon #107)
HITMONLEEHe Is The Master Of Nasty Legwork... Extremely Effective. Angela Brett (Hitmonlee is Pokemon #106)
LAPRASLugs A Passenger Relentlessly Around Sea Angela Brett (Lapras is Pokemon #131)
LUGIALies Undersea Guarding Immense Abilities Angela Brett (Lugia is Pokemon #249)
MACHOPMartial Arts Can Harm Other Pokemon Angela Brett (Machop is Pokemon #66)
MAGIKARPMuch Ancentral Greatness - Immediate Kin Aren't Really Powerful. Angela Brett (Magikarp is Pokemon #129)
MEOWTHMeowing Entity Often Washes The Hands Jeff Anonymous, expanding the cat pokemon (#52), as listed on the unsuccessful-search list. As for the last three words, I know cats to often lick their forepaws.
METAPODMalprepared, Easy To Attack, Poor Offense & Defense Angela Brett (Metapod is Pokemon #11)
MEWMirage? Experts Wonder Angela Brett (Mew is Pokemon #151)
MEWTWO (2)Makes Everything Wither To Win. Ouch! Dundee (Mewtwo is Pokemon #150)
MOLTRESMascot Of League - Trainers Respect Everburning Soarer Angela Brett (Moltres is Pokemon #146)
NINETALESNeonatally, It Never Exhibits Two Appendages. Later, End Splits. Angela Brett (Ninetales is Pokemon #38)
OMASTAROwner Made Ancient Spiral Train... Alterations Resulted. Angela Brett. (Omastar is Pokemon #139)
OMASTAR (2)Once Merely Archeological Specimen... Transformed And Reanimated! Angela Brett (Omastar is Pokemon #139)
PERSIANPokemon Evolution Refines Scratchcat Into Aesthetic Nuisance Angela Brett (Persian is Pokemon #53)
PICHUPikachu Infant. Cries Horribly, Unpeacefully. Jeff Anonymous (Pichu, Pokemon #172, is a baby Pikachu.)
PIDGEYPlaying In Dirt Gets Eyes Yucky Angela Brett (Pidgey is Pokemon #16)
PIKACHUPokemon Is Keeping Animation Creators Happy & Unstarved! Angela Brett (Pikachu is Pokemon #25)
POLIWAGPrefers Oceans... Legs Infantile & Weak, Aren't Groundworthy. Angela Brett (Poliwag is Pokemon #60)
PSYDUCKPsychokinetic Superpowers You Don't Understand Could Kill! Angela Brett (Psyduck is Pokemon #54... and they don't really kill, they could just make your pokemon faint.)
RAICHURadically Awesome, Intelligent, Cute, Herculean... UBERCOOL! Jeff Anonymous (Raichu is Pokemon #26)
RAIKOUReally Arduous In Kapturing One. Urgh! Dundee (Raikou is Pokemon #248 - one of the three legendary beasts which is very difficult to capture.)
RAPIDASHRaces Anything... Pokemon Instinctively Dashes After Something Hasty Angela Brett (Rapidash is Pokemon #78)
RATICATERattata - After Twenty "Intervals" Character Alters Through Evolution Tony McCoy O'Grady, who has done Pokemon #20 as his first Pokemon expansion
SANDSHREWStays Around Near Desert, So He's Rarely Ever Wet Angela Brett (Sandshrew is Pokemon #27)
SANDSLASHSand-Attack Never Damages, Simply Lowers Accuracy, Stopping Hits. Angela Brett (Sandslash is Pokemon #28)
SPEAROWSmall Pokemon's Energetically Airborne, Rapidly Oscillating Wings Angela Brett (Spearow is Pokemon #21)
SUICINESuicidal Undertaking Inducing Capture. Impossible? Naturally Evident. Dundee (Suicine is Pokemon #249, the third of the legendary beasts which Dundee has been trying to capture for six months.)
TOTODILETrainer Of This Ought Dodge Its Labial Embrace Angela Brett (Totodile is Pokemon #158)
VULPIXVery Uncooperative Letter Prevents Impeccable Xpansion Angela Brett (Vulpix is Pokemon #37)
ZAPDOSZestily Annihilate Pretty Dumb Operating System? Angela Brett, speculatiing that Zapdos (Pokemon #145) wants to destroy MS-DOS.
ZAPDOS (2)Zooms Across Power Department's Official Safeline Dundee (Zapdos is Pokemon #145)