100% PROVEPerform Repeatable Objective Verifiable Experiments Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. I have been noticing for decades that a lot of common expressions can be acronymed (I am 58). E.G., HAND for "Have A Nice Day!" I have also coined apronyms for decades (even tho I did not link to your site until SAT 7/19 from acronymfinder.com, which I found on TUES 7/15.) I submitted this definition as my 37th and last to acronymfinder.com & apologized in the comment section that I had not read their guidelines until after my 36th submission.Your site is the most fun I visit. I hope that, above all, kids are encouraged to learn, communicate in, and coin apronyms! My favorite from your site is INFINITY! (I am a MATH WIZ.)