100% GOING POSTALGetting Outraged! I'm Nervous, Galled, Pissed, Overwrought, Spiteful: Totally A Loony This seems to be a British sites (or at least has a lot of words and sayings I'm not familiar with, or know are British -- But I think Brits might know the history of our good old American term of violence... It's just some of the good ol' American way of making a joke out of utter tragedy. As you may know, some people in this country have a habit of settling their differences with guns. And there's an odd sort of category of crime where someone who is disgruntled at work will show up with a loaded semi-automatic and just start blasting at whomever he sees.This type of crime really came into being about 20 or 30 years ago, when there was a rash of these crimes -- all being committed at post offices by postal employees. So.. it's tragic... innocent employees being killed by some loony who's just angry about his job situation. That's how it picked up the name "Going postal." It basically means someone getting angry enough that you'd best get away because you just don't know if he's going to snap and do something violent. Or if you're feeling that way, you could say that you're going postal. The phrase has moved away from the true violent meaning to a more manageable lower-key feeling that we all feel at some time.
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