86% FAST FOOD RESTAURANTFast All Starting/Sixth-month 2003 Tuesday/Third! Food: Obsessive/Organic Other Delightful/Days! Really Enjoyed Second-fast/Sound/Sleep/Sixth-month 2003 Tuesday/Tenth! Almighty/Advancing/Atonement! Ultimate Rest Assured Nightly! Tuesday/Trend! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Fast All Starting/Sixth-month2003 Tuesday/Third! What a day! I began fasting (only Tuesdays, Thank You) to lose weight. (Water only.) I had no idea that fasting would fast lead to the best sleep ever in 58 years. (Thursday 10 May 1945 to Tuesday 10 June 2003.) The night of my second fast (Tuesday 10 June) started a TREND. Submit Date: Daytime Friday 5 September 2003. (Tuesday Night 10 June to Thursday Night 4 September 2003 were 87 Nights Of No-Tossing-And-Turning. 12 Weeks + 3 Nights.) When I want to sleep, I lie flat on my back, until I doze. Once asleep, I stay in the same position, until awakening.
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