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100% ALFALFAA Little For Arthritis - Limbs Freely Active Tony
100% ALFALFA (2)A Little For Appetite, Lots For Anaemia/Autoimmunotoxicity Angela Brett -- Appetite is just one of the many A-words on the all-encompassing lists of what alfalfa might possibly improve. Apparently there is one documented case of alfalfa overdose which resulted in mild anaemia and leucopenia.
100% ALOE VERAAgave Lotion On Epidermis Virtually Erases Rough Abrasions Rico Leffanta
100% BASILBequeath's A Salad Its Lushness Tony
100% BLACK COHOSHButtercup-Like, And Clinicians/Companies Know Compound Offers Hope Of Stimulating Hormones Angela Brett
100% CELANDINECertain Extracts Lighten A Nervous Digestion - It's Notedly Effective Tony
100% CELANDINE (2)Claimed Enhancer Lists Antithetical Notions... Does It Not Enhance? Angela Brett (Like adverts for many medicinal herbs, those for celandine list illnesses and desirable qualities mixed together, without saying which it enhances and which it cures.)
100% CORDYCEPSClaims Of Reducing (Drastically) Your Cholesterol & Enhancing Pulmonary System Tony
100% DANDELIONDelightful, Although Natural Dispersement Endangers Lawns If Openly Neglected Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% DANDELION (2)Drunk As Nostrum, Diuretic Effect Lingers, Inconveniently, Over Night Patricia Rix
100% DANDELION (3)Dilute As Necessary & Drink. Emit Liquids Intensely Over Nighttime Tony (Dandelion is known as 'piss-the-bed' because of it's diuretic properties.)
90% ECHINACEAExtremely Common Herb - It's Noted Against Colds & (is) Effective Antioxidant Tony
100% EPIMEDIUMEnhances Potency In Males - Extends 'Duration' In Underperforming Men Tony
100% FO TIFor One's Tea Infusion Angela Brett (I assume it's an accident that the name could be pronounced as a non-rhotic 'for tea' but apparently fo ti is used as a tea.)
100% FO TI (2)Flogged On The Internet Angela Brett
100% FO TI (3)Finest Of Traditional Infusions Angela Brett
100% FO TI ROOTFear Of Technology? Ingest Remedy Of Older Times! Angela Brett
100% GARLICGarnish - A Renowned Love Inhibiting Condiment Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% GARLIC (2)Good At Repulsing Lovers, If Chewed. Tony
100% GINGER (2)Good In Nosh, Generates Extra Radiance. Tony
100% GINSENGGenerally Its Nice, Sexually Enhances Naughty Geriatrics Tony
100% GUARANAGets Users Active - Regarded As Natural Aphrodisiac Tony
100% HERBSHealing Edible Roots, Buds Savory Jan Morgan -- herbs are used for enhancing the flavor of food and can be used to heal what ails you
100% HORSE CHESTNUTHemorrhoids Of Robust Soreness Eased. Chronic Hairveins Evidently Succumb To Nature's Usual Treatment Tony
100% HORSETAILHairs Of Rather Splendid Equine - Tasty And Incredibly Long Tony (Yeah, I know it's a plant and not an actual horse's tail)
100% LICORICELiver Infections Cleared - Oriental Records Indicate Clear Evidence Tony
100% MILK THISTLEMedicinal In Liver & Kidney Treatments, Harried Individuals Should Take Liquid Extracts Tony
100% ORGANIC HERBOur Rogues Grow A New Investment Crop, Harvesting Each Reader's Balance Angela Brett, in response to some spam on the Apronyms Forums by a company with that name.
100% PISSENLITPeeing In Sleepwear Seems Extremely Nasty, Lessening Its Thermodynamics Patricia Rix (pissenlit is French for DANDELION... see DANDELION (2))
100% RHODIOLARecommended Herb Often Diagnosed In Occasional Lung Afflictions Tony
100% SCHISANDRASupposedly Can Help Irritable Stomachs And Nervous Digestions - Reliably Affective Tony
100% SENNA LEAFSh*t Erupts Near Nasty Asshole, Laxative Effects Are Famous Tony, when Senna Leaf was mentioned as one of ORGANIC HERB's products. I don't know if Senna Leaf has similar properties to Senna Pod, and I can't be arsed finding out.
86% STEVIASweetener That's Effective, Variously Identified (as) Azucaca Tony
100% ST JOHN'S WORTSupposed To Jolt Our Happiness; No Salesman/Scientist Would Openly Refute This. Angela Brett, who has heard that St. John's Wort is good for depression. Choose the S word based on your scepticism level.
100% THYMEThis Herb You Must Eat Tony
100% WILD YAMWill I Live Double Years Appearing Mortesque? Angela Brett -- the ORGANIC HERB spammer mentioned wild yam as one of it's products, so I assume it's rumoured to be good for something, and extending lifespan is a pretty general aim that most remedies share. 'Mortesque' isn't a word but I'm using it to mean something like 'as if dead.' -- you'd have to be careful with anything promising a long life that you didn't end up living another hundred years looking and feeling like a corpse.
100% WILD YAM (2)Wonderful In Large Doses You'll Agree, Milady Tony