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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
LABANLoses At Beheading, Absolves Nephi Jan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Evil relative lost his head for not turning over the plates of brass
LAMANLackluster Associate Mainly Argued, Nephi Jan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Character -- mean sibling
LAMANITELawless Associates Mainly Argued Nephites In Truths Eternal Jan Morgan
LEHILeader Endures His Isolation Jan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Father of 4 sons
LEMUELLaggard Entity Mainly Used Evil Lavishly Jan Morgan -- Book of Mormon Character -- another mean sibling
MORONIMighty, Old Resident Of Nation, Icon Jan Morgan -- Symbol on Temples, name of last Nephite before race expired in Americas - Circa AD 421
NEPHINavigator Endures Prideful Heinous Illusions Jan Morgan -- the good sibling in the Book Of Mormon
NEPHITENoble Emigrants Prepares Harbouring Israel To East Jan Morgan -- Work with me here! depending on which way you travel the Americas can be East of Israel
SAMSerene Allegiance Mostly Jan Morgan -- Good brother of NEPHI