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Characters from the 'Harry Potter' series by J. K. Rowling

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ALBUS DUMBLEDOREA Leading Bigwig Unusual Sorcerer Does Unbelievable Magic, Believes Love Endures Dangerous Offensive Recidivist. Educator Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter character
100% ALBUS PERCIVAL WULFRIC BRIAN DUMBLEDOREA Learned Brit, Uses Sorcery Prodigiously. Evil Rebels Create Insurgencies, Valiantly Albus Leads Wizards, Undermining Lord's Forces. Recently Incriminated, Came Back Righteous. Ingeniously Annihilated Nemesis' Defenses (Uncompletely). Made, By Loathsome Educator, Deceased. Oh Rowling’s Enormity! Robert Anonymous - Of the fifty or so apronyms I've done, this one is my favorite.
93% ARTHUR WEASLEYA Rare Timid Husband, Uses Requisitions. What Ever Amazing Simple Loyalty Emanates [from] You Jan Morgan
100% DEATH EATERDutiful Entities Arrange Treacherous Haunts, Evil Advantage Tries Explosive Rebellion Jan Morgan
100% DEMENTORDistressful Entities, Memories End Negatively Tragic, Objectionable Ramifications Jan Morgan
100% DRACO MALFOYDemonic Racist Adolescent Clone, Obstinate Malicious Arrogant Louse, Foul Opinionated Yahoo Jan Morgan
100% HAGRIDHuge Adult Gives Rare Insights Disconcertedly Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter friend always backs himself into a corner and has to explain himself in a very unsettled way "I shouldn't have said that"
100% HARRY POTTERHe's A Rather Remarkable Youth, Picked Out To Tackle Evil Ringleader Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% HERMIONE (2)Honorable Enthusiastic Rare Muggleborn Identifies Own Natural Enchantments Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter friend
100% HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMEDHorrible Entity Was Harry's Opposition. Master Uses Snake To Negotiate Own Tyranny, Bigotry, Entity Now A Menace, Extensive Danger Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter Evil Character
100% HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMEDHorrible Entity, Was Harry's Opposition. Sacrifices His Allies, Lacks Love. Negotiates Own Tyranny, Bigotry, Entity Now A Menace, Extensive Danger. Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter Evil Character
100% LUCIAS MALFOYLackey Unadulterated Conceited Id Assaults Society. Malicious Arrogant Louse, Foul Obnoxious Yahoo. Jan Morgan
100% MINERVA MCGONAGALLMotherly Individual Nurtures Every Resident, Verifies Abilities Magically, Congers Gifts Of Natural Activities Gets Animagus, Locating Lodging Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter character whom was watching the dursley abode as a CAT before delivering baby Harry. Teacher at HOGWARTS. (see ANIMAGUS)
92% MOLLY WEASLEYMom Of Large Lively Youngsters. What Ever Amazing, Simple Loyalty Emanates [from] You Jan Morgan
100% RONALD WEASLEYRagamuffin Offers Nervousness At Life's Dealings With Extremely Abominal Situations, Loyalty Emits Yearly Jan Morgan
93% RONALD WEASLEY (2)Ragamuffin Offers Nobility/Nitty-gritty At Lifes Dealings. With Extremely Abominal Situations Loyalty Emanates Yearly Jan Morgan
100% THE BOY WHO LIVEDTiny Harry's Event, Boggle Of Yesterday, When He's Obviously Loved, Invites Victory, Ends Disaster Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter phrase
100% VOLDEMORTVillain Opposes Lot During Education, Mudbloods Offend Racist Terrorist Jan Morgan