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100% ARCHAEOPTERYXAlthough Rather Controversial, Hailed As Earliest Ornithoid. Precursor To Everyday Robins, Yet Xtinct. Angela Brett
83% BONES (2)Big Osseous Neoliths Explained by Scientists Sean Lamb
Science:Biology:Body Parts
100% CRETACEOUSColossal Reptiles Endured 'Til A Catastrophic Event Ousted Umpteen Species. Angela Brett
100% CRETACEOUS (2)Cosmic Rock Ended This Age, Causing Extinction On Unprecedented Scale Angela Brett
100% CRETACEOUS (3)Chalky Rock's Evidence Tells About Creatures Experts Only Understand Slightly Angela Brett
100% DINODown Is Not Out Sean Lamb, because dinosaurs always tend to be popular with the kids.
100% DIPLODOCUSDiplodocus Is Plainly Large. One Dinosaur's Outrageous Corpulence Upsets Scientists. Sean Lamb, because dinosaurs always tend to be popular with the kids.
100% ELASMOSAURUSExtreme Length And Size Made One Swimmer An Unusual Reptile Under Sea Angela Brett
100% FABROSAURUSFast, Agile Beast Relies On Skillful Adaptation Under Relatively Unfriendly Situations Sean Lamb (Fabrosaurus was a small, bipedal herbivore discovered in Africa that had five fingers on its hands)
100% FRENGUELLISAURUSFew Reproductions Exist. Now Generally Unknown, Extremely Large Lizard Is Seen As Unusual Relative. Unknown Size Sean Lamb (Frenguellisaurus is judged to weigh about 770 pounds, based on fossils found so far. However, its exact size isn't very well known, and it's not a name that rolls off the tongue of most schoolchildren)
92% GENYODECTESGreatly Erratic Noggin Yet Only Disconnected Evidence of Carnivore That Existed Southward Sean Lamb (Genyodectes was discovered in Argentina, but is only known from fragmentary skull remains)
100% GRAVITHOLUSGenerally Reported Alberta Vertebrate Is This Herbivore. Owns Large, Unusual Skull Sean Lamb (Gravitholus, discovered in Alberta, had a skull that was wider and thicker than others of the same age)
100% HAPLOCANTHOSAURUSHuge Animal Probably Lived Off Cuttings And Not Tenderlons. Historically Often Seen Around Utah Region, United States Sean Lamb (Haplocanthosaurus was an herbivore; remains of this species have been found in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah)
100% ISCHISAURUSIt Should Call Herrerasaurus Its Sister, Although Uncertain Relationship's Under Speculation Angela Brett (There is speculation that Ischisaurus may actually be the same genus as Herrerasaurus.)
100% JAXARTOSAURUSJust Another Xenomorph, A Reptile That Once Saw Action Under Roughly Ukranian Skies Sean Lamb (My dictionary defines xenomorph as a space alien, and some have theorized that dinos were originally aliens, so... Jaxartosaurus was first discovered in Kazakhstan; it may not be the Ukraine, but it's a lot closer to there than Utah)
100% KRITOSAURUSKnown Remains Indicate That Old Saurian Ate Undergrowth/Umbrage Rising Up Sunward Angela Brett -- I'm not sure whether a kritosaurus would be more able to eat undergrowth or umbrage, but as a herbivore it's sure to eat one or the other.
100% LESOTHOSAURUSLight, Extra Small One That Had Open Skeleton And Usually Ran Under Shrubs Sean Lamb (DinoDictionary says that this small dino 'was probably an agile, two-legged runner based on slender, hollow, thin walled bones, a light skull with many openings, a short neck and forelimbs and the absence of armor.')
100% MESOZOIC ERAMagical Era, Something Only Zoologists Or Impetuous Children Ever Really Appreciate Angela Brett
100% NOASAURUSNorth Of Argentina, Scientists Amazingly Uncovered Remains Uniquely Saurian Sean Lamb - The Noasaurus was discovered in the northern region of Argentina; it's claws featured a unique lifting tendon. I had originally thought of using 'Some Archaeologist' for the SA portion, but an archaeologist studies past human life, and not generally animal life.
100% QUAESITOSAURUSQuite Unusual Auricle Exemplifies Sauropod; Individual Traces Of Skull Are Uncovered, Researchers Use Science Sean Lamb (This dino, known by partial skull fossils, had an structures that indicated unusually sensitive hearing)
100% REBBACHISAURUSReally Exceptional Beast Became A Creature Hidden In Saharan Africa Under Rigid Unsandy Sand Sean Lamb (Rebbachisaurus was discovered in the Saharan area of northern Africa; after so many millions of years, sand gets packed down into rigid structures)
100% RUGOPSRelatively Unknown Giant Of Paleozoic Science Sean Lamb (The rugops primus [or "rugops" for short] is a recent discovery in Africa; more info is at
100% TECHNOSAURUSTexas Excavation Creates Hoopla. New Ornithischian Sauropod Artifacts Uncovered Right Under Sand Sean Lamb (Technosaurus was discovered near Lubbock, Texas, and is classed as an Ornithischian)
100% UTAHRAPTORUnusually Talented And Harsh Raptor Attacked Predators That Once Roamed Sean Lamb (The Utahraptor had a 15" claw on one toe of each hind foot; it's believed that this creature attacked others much larger than itself using these claws and its razor-sharp teeth as weapons)
100% VULCANODONVery Unsophisticated Lizard, Certainly Ate No Other Dinosaurs. Outstretched Neck. Angela Brett
100% WALKERIAWas A Little Killer. Eventually Renamed. Is Alwalkeria. omnicronos (according to, Walkeria was a small bipedal carnivore. And, according to, it changed its name in 1987 - just enough to avoid recursion)
100% XIAOSAURUSXiaosaurus Is Another Ornithischian Species; All Uncovered Remains Unusually Small Sean Lamb (Xiaosaurus has only been found in fragments; it is estimated that this creature stood only 1.5 feet tall)
100% YAVERLANDIAYet Another Very Extinct Reptile. Little Animal Never Dwelled In Asia Sean Lamb (Yaverlandia, at 2' 3" tall, was discovered in Yaverland Battery on the Isle of Wight)