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These could be pet names for loved ones, or names of pets.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
GARFIELDGifted (Albeit Rotund) Feline, I Eat Lasagne Daily TMcCO'G
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
GARFIELD (2)Gets Around Really Fast If Espying Lasagne Dish Angela Brett
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
GOLDIEGives Owner Love, Devoted In Enjoyment Jan Morgan -- name of a cat
GUIDOGuides Unsighted Italian Dog-Owner TMcCO'G - who feels that Guido would be a great name for an Italian's Guide-Dogs-For-The-Blind Labrador
MAGGIE (2)Magnificent And Gigantic Girlcat Is Embraceable Patricia Rix, referring to her cat
MR. JINXMy Roguish Jester Is Noticeably Xceptional! Patricia Rix, referring to her cat.
NERMALNice Eccentric Relaxed Mammal, Abudhabi Lent Jan Morgan - Garfield always sends this cat to Abu Dhabi
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
ODIEOne Dog Is Enough! Angela Brett, referring to the dog in the Garfield comics.
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
PATCHESPretty Active Tabby Cat Hums Ever Sweetly Jan Morgan
SPARKLESuper Precious/Perfect And Rare Kitten Loved Existence Jan Morgan -- name of cat
SPOT (2)Super Precious Owners Toy Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
SPOT (3)Stupid Pet Obstructs Traversing Jan Morgan -- A driver's view of animal -- can't even get into the driveway before he tries to greet you
SPOT (4)Stupid Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
SPOT (5)Special Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
SPOT (6)Stuck Pet Of Throng Jan Morgan and Randall Morgan -- dog gets stuck under bed
SPOT (7)Spineless Pet, Oblivious Tactics Jan Morgan -- different views of animal
SPOT (8)Surprisingly Pounces Outta Truck Jan Morgan & Randall Morgan -- Dog can't figure out he is supposed to stay seated when the truck is in motion
WIARTON WILLIEWoodchuck Is Albino, Raised To Offer News Winter Is Longer, Like Is Expected. Angela Brett -- see WIARTON. An alternative ending is, 'Lives In Enclosure.'
Places:Towns & Cities:Canada
WIARTON WILLIE (2)When I Actually Roamed To Ontario, Notorious Woodchuck Indeed Looked Lively In Enclosure. Angela Brett, who met Wiarton Willie while staying in PAISLEY.
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