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100% INTEGERSInclude Naturals - They Even Generate External Rational Set. Angela Brett
89% IRRATIONAL NUMBERSInteger Rearrangement Refuses to Attain These. Infinite, Orderless Numerals - And Limitless Notation - Usually Measures Boundaries Exactly. Rationals (are) Saner! Angela Brett
93% NATURAL NUMBERSNow A Toddler Understands Repeated Addition... Lacking Numerals Under 1 - Maths Being Essentially Related to Surroundings. Angela Brett
100% NEGATIVE INTEGERSNumerical Entities. Going Against The Increasing Variety, Every Individual Number (Though Entire) Gets Endlessly, Relentlessly Smaller TMcCO'G
100% RATIONAL NUMBERSRepresentable As Two Integers... Ontop - Numerator... And Lower Numeral? Usually Multiplying By Entry's Reciprocal Suffices. Angela Brett