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Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% CONAN O'BRIENCan Oblong Noggins And Nerdy Oafs Bring Ratings? I Expect Not. joybutton
100% DAVID LETTERMANDuring A Very Irksome Disease, Laughter Excelled To Tremendously Enrich Recovery. Man Astounds Network. joybutton
100% JAY LENOJowly American Yukster Lands Every Night Obligatorily joybutton
100% OPRAHOvertly Personable Rich American Host Eric Bridgstock
100% OPRAH (2)Outgoing Personality Regales American Heartland Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% OPRAH WINFREYOther People Relate Awful Happenings; What If None Found Religion Except You? Rico Leffanta
100% RICKI LAKERevealing Information Concerning Kinky Interludes - Lackadaisical Audience Kept Entertained. Angela Brett
100% RICKI LAKE (2)Rampant Infidelity - Colloquially 'Kickin' It' - Lesbian Adulteresses & Kooks Everywhere. Angela Brett
90% RICKI LAKE (3)Routine Investigations Concerning Kids' Initiators... Lie-detectors And Karyotype Examinations. Angela Brett
100% SPRINGERSome People Revel In Nasty, Grossly Entangled, Relationships Tony McCoy O'Grady, as an entry to the Radio Times Def.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s competition
100% SPRINGER (2)Self-Publicists Riled, Invariably Nauseous, Generally Elevate Ratings Eric Bridgstock and Tony McCoy O'Grady,
100% SPRINGER (3)Stunt-People Readily Instigate Nasty Grapples (Evidently Real) Angela Brett, as an entry to the Radio Times Def.i.n.i.t.i.a.l.s competition
100% SPRINGER (4)Should People Resolve Issues? No, Get Even! Retaliate! Angela Brett
89% SPRINGER (5)Staged Punch-ups Regarded Inevitable, Never Get Elegant Result Eric Bridgstock