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CENSUSCollects Entire Nations Statistics - Universal Sample. Angela Brett
POLLPublic Opinion's Leanings Logged Angela Brett
PROBABILITYPredict Randomness Only By Assuming Bias Isn't Long In Term, Yes? Angela Brett
STATISTICSShrunk To Averages, The Information Steers Toward Incorrect Conclusions Sometimes. Angela Brett
STATISTICS (2)Skewed Towards Assumptions, The Information Steers Toward Incorrect Conclusions Sometimes. PiMaster, as a modification of Angela's STATISTICS.
STATISTICS (3)Squint To Assess The Information So Truth Isn't Clearly Shown Angela Brett, after a statistics lecturer said, "look through your eyelashes, make it blurry," which Angela thinks pretty much sums up what statistics is about.
STATISTICS (4)Some Times Angela Thinks It's Stupid That Information's Clouded So. Angela Brett
STATISTICS (5)So Taking Averages That Imply Stupid Testimony, I Can Seduce. Roger Williams