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100% APRONYMS (28)A Perfectly Reasonable Option? No, You Mangy Sonafabitch! Word Nerd This came to me as I was looking at NYMS today, my first visit to your site. Coming from a background in which I routinely read trials about blood pressure and heart-related issues, almost all of which have an apronym attached, this is something I've engaged in over lunch and coffee for years, as in: The "Bitch" Trial, i.e., Best Innovation to Control Hypertension, and so on. Thank you for giving creative outlet for my frustrations! :)
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100% ITCH (2)Incredibly Troubling Cutaneous Hypersensitivity Word Nerd
100% LUST (8)Look Up Someone Tacky. Word Nerd
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100% SHREWShe Hurls Retribution Entirely Willingly Word Nerd
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100% WIFE (4)Willfully Insolent Female, Eh? Word Nerd -- This came to me in a flash just this minute. Not my wife, of course. Those in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are often inclined to ad the closing comment " ... eh?" in routine conversation. Thus we might assume the this woman is a Yooper, i.e., an Upper Peninsula dweller. :)
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