If you have Mac OS X 10.2 or later, you can download the Apronyms application, which allows you to view the apronyms from the Apronyms web site without using the internet. You can also add your own apronyms and either keep them for your own personal enjoyment or submit them to be added to the web site. You can download new and updated apronyms from the web site at any time, without losing your own additions. If you want to share an apronym or list of apronyms with a friend, you can export apronyms to a text file.

Apronyms can be browsed in their alphabetic listings, category listings, or through the very flexible search facility.

The 'Website' menu provides easy access to parts of the Apronyms web site which may be useful when you're creating an apronym.

The current version of Apronyms is 1.0, released on January 22nd 2005. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
Download Apronyms (694KB)

If you cannot run Apronyms, you can still use the simple 'Acronym Checker' application. Acronym Checker checks acronyms for validity and can submit valid acronyms to the website.
Download Acronym Checker (48KB)