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100% CONSERVATIVESContinuation Of National State Earnings Related Value Added Taxes In Very Extreme Situations John Richard Jones
100% LABOURLacking Authority Because Of Useless Reforms John Richard Jones. Fed up with Labour's incompetence.
100% LABOUR (2)Layabouts Are Betraying Our Unique Reputation John Richard Jones
100% LIBERAL DEMOCRATSLacking In Basic Educational Resources And Learning Damaging Engineering, Manufacturing, Opportunities, Confidence, Reputation And Tainting Success John Richard Jones -- Thoughts in the run up to the General Election 2005
100% PLAID CYMRUParliamentary Leaders Allowed Inside Daily Commissioning Your Mothers Requests Upstairs John Richard Jones
100% UKIPUseless Kids In Power John Richard Jones (UKIP usually stands for United Kingdom Independence Party)