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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% BENBoings Evoke Newstime Tony McCoy O'Grady (Big Ben's chimes are used for the introduction to a UK TV news bulletin)
100% DEVON TARRSTEPSDawdling Eventually Ventures Onward Nicely, Truly Ancient Road, Rock Steps Traverse Every Pedestrian Safely Jan Morgan -- ancient people built these steps to cross a river, very natural looking stepping stones that don't get your feet wet when you crossed them.
95% GREAT GREENOCK SWAMPGigantic, Remote, Eerie And Terrifying, Gave Rum-runners Every Edge, Now Only Carnivores Know Spaces Where Animals May Prowl Patricia Rix, explaining, 'The great greenock swamp is surrounded by farmland now, but to our pioneer ancestors it was a formidable obstacle to the settlement of southern Bruce County. There are no alligators in S. Ontario swamps, but there are wolves, coyotes, possibly bears and bobcats, and certainly raccoons and deer.'
100% HAUNS MILLHere Attacked, Underhanded Needless Slaughter, Massacre Is Landmark Location Jan Morgan -- Horrible incident happened in Missouri in the 1800's
100% LEEDS CASTLELuscious Expansive Evergreen, Deeply Searched, Country Assets, Secluded Territorial Landscape, England Jan Morgan
100% STONEHENGEStructure Takes Orbital Notion, Eccentric Habits, Engages Nocturnal Galactic Events Jan Morgan
100% THE BIG NICKEL AT SUDBURYTake Heed Everyone: Besides Its Gigantic Nickel, It's Common Knowledge Evenings Lately At Times Seem Unusually Dull, But Underground Rocks! Yes! Patricia Rix (Sudbury is a mining city in the North which besides the big nickel, the underground mine tours and the country song "Sudbury Saturday Night" by Stompin' Tom Connors, boasts a fantastic hands-on science museum with a seismograph and also an underground lab for capturing and studying neutrinos.)
100% THE BIG GOOSE AT WAWAThis Here Exceptionally Big, Interesting Goose Gets Only One Spot, Enticing Attentive Tourists. What A Wonderful Area! Patricia Rix (Wawa is the town in NW Ontario where the road turns to take you to the West. The Canada Goose statue is made of small metal plates.)