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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ARCHIBALD LEACHA Romantic Character Hiding In Bedrooms After Leaving Daughter; Look Everywhere And Catch Him Rico Leffanta (Archibald Leach is better known as Carey Grant)
100% BETTY PERSKEBetter Eat To Treat Yourself; Passion Entreats Romantic Stolen Kisses Endlessly Rico Leffanta (Betty Perske is better known as Lauren Bacall)
100% CAMILLE JAVALCan Any Man In Love Leave Early Just As Virgin Accepts Love? Rico Leffanta (Camille Javal is better known as Brigitte Bardot)
100% ISSUR DANIELOVITCHIt Seems So Useless Remembering Duty Almost Never Interrupts Enjoying Lots Of Virgins Itching To Collar Him Rico Leffanta (Issur Danielovitch is better known as Kirk Douglas)
100% IVO LEVIIf Virgin Offers, Let's Enjoy Venery Intimately Rico Leffanta (Ivo Levi is better known as Yves Montand)
100% JOHN RYANJuveniles On Hawaii Never Remember You're Always Near Rico Leffanta (John Ryan is better known as Jack Lord)
100% LEONARD SLYELikes Enemies On Nooses And Riding Damp Saddles Leaves You Exhausted Rico Leffanta (Leonard Slye is better known as Roy Rogers)
100% LESLEY HORNBYLet's Eat Sugar Ladies! Eat Yummy Helpings Or Repast Near By You! Rico Leffanta (Lesley Hornby is better known as Twiggy)
100% LUCILLE LE SUEURLuck Usually Connects Idiot Lovers Legs Entwined Lurching Everywhere Somehow Underestimating Ecstasy's Usual Response Rico Leffanta (Lucille Le Sueur is better known as Joan Crawford)
100% MARION MORRISONMan Always Rides In On Nag; Maid Often Rides Roughly In Saddle Or Noisily Rico Leffanta (Marion Morrison is better known as John Wayne)
87% NATASHA GURDINNatural Acting Talent And She Had A Great Union Rapturously Dancing In Never-never-land Rico Leffanta (Natasha Gurdin is better known as Natalie Wood)
100% NORMA BAKERNaughty Ostentatious Romantic Maiden Arranged Boobs And Kissed Especially Robustly Rico Leffanta (Norma Baker is better known as Marylin Monroe)
100% SAMILLE FIESSENSeduces Action Men In Lovely Layouts Especially Friends In Erotic Soapy Situations Electrifying Networks Rico Leffanta (Samille Fiessen is better known as Dyan Cannon)
100% VIRGINIA MCMATHVivacious Individual (Repetitiously Giggles) Invites Neighbours In And Masterfully Conducts Many Audacious Tahitian Hulas Rico Leffanta (Virginia McMath is better known as Ginger Rogers)