Inspired by the bugs inadvertently eaten during picnics, this category presents some interesting ideas about eating and cooking insects.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% ANTAlways Nutritious Taste Rico Leffanta (see PICNIC)
100% BEESBrunch Entries Encircling Sodas Rico Leffanta (see PICNIC)
100% BUGBake Under Ground Rico Leffanta (see PICNIC)
100% COCKROACHCook On Cluttered Kitchen Range Order After Cook Heaves Rico Leffanta
100% EARWIGSExcellent After Roasting With Italian Garlic Sauce Rico Leffanta
100% ESCARGOTEscaping Snail Craps And Regurgitates Garlic On Throat Rico Leffanta
89% ESCARGOT (2)Eww! Snails! Carry Away Right-now! Gimme Other Things! Jeff Anonymous
100% FLEAFried Lightly Excites Appetite Rico Leffanta
100% FLIESFood Lovers Ingredient Expressly Served Rico Leffanta
100% GNATGrand Natural After Taste Rico Leffanta
86% GRASSHOPPERSGreat Roasted And Super Special Hors d'oeuvre On Pizza Pieces Especially Re-heated Slices Rico Leffanta
100% GRUBGreat Raw Useless Boiled Rico Leffanta
100% KATYDIDKeeps Appetisers Tasting Yummy Doesn't Intimidate Desserts Rico Leffanta
100% LOUSELeft Overs Usually Season Expectorants Rico Leffanta
100% PICNIC (2)Party In Countryside Necessitating Insect Condiments Rico Leffanta
100% PREYING MANTISPreparation Real Easy You Ingest Nutritious Greens Makes A Nice Touch In Snacks Rico Leffanta
100% SLUGSure Livens Up Garnishes! Rico Leffanta
100% SNAILSalads Need Ambrosia Interspersing Lettuce Rico Leffanta
100% TICKSTerrible Insect Creates Knockout Sauce Rico Leffanta
100% WORMWarm Or Raw Magnifique! Rico Leffanta