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CAKE = TOO REAL PIE!Circumference (Around Kitchen Edible) = Two (One + One) * Radius * (Eating Always Luscious) Pi (Irrational Escape!) Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Boston Cream Cake: Also (Too) Pie!
Food & Drink
CIRCLECalculation Into Route Consistently Locus-Equidistant Tony McCoy O'Grady
CIRCLE (2)Circulating, Inhabitable, Rotational, Cycle Logical Ellipses/Eclipses! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. CIRCLE! EARTH: DAYS, YEARS, Eclipses & the wonderful Cycle Logical PREDICTABLE SCIENCE.
CIRCLE PERIMETERCircumference (Irrational Ratio Called-Logically!) Equals Pi! (Energizes Representation In Math Equations) Two (Er) Radius Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Outside of parentheses in EXPANSION: Circumference = Pi Two Radiusor C=2*Pi*R. The ! signals that (Irrational Ratio Called-Logically!) is Pi! "Called-Logically!" is a PUNNY way of saying "most Pies are CIRCLES." Er is Chinese Two. Hope the grave accent for Èr worked. I thought that (Energizes Representation In Math Equations) was very important. For centuries, primary school children have learned C=2*Pi*R, so this inclusion might help whoever reads this APRONYM when they study advanced math.
CUBECompletely Unirregular Blocky Entity Tony McCoy O'Grady
CYLINDERCircular Yet Long, It Neatly Drains Excess Rainwater. Angela Brett
GEOMETRYGolly, Elementary Orthogonal Matrices Excite These Randy Youths. Angela Brett, during a boring first-year algebra lecture.
Education:Slow Teaching
GEOMETRY (2)Go Euclid! One Man's Elementary Text Remained Years! Angela Brett (parts of Euclid's 'Elements' were used as a standard textbook for around 2250 years.)
GEOMETRY (3)Greek Earth Observers Measured Everything, Trusting Real Yardsticks. Angela Brett, since geometry began with people actually measuring land and wasn't at all like the abstract science it is today.
ISOMETRIESImages Simulate Originals, Mostly. Examples: Translations, Rotations Imitate Exact Shape Angela Brett. (An isometry is a plane transformation which preserves distances, and therefore shapes of figures.)
ORBOne Round Ball Angela Brett
PARALLEL LINESPartings Are Rigidly Applied, Logical Legalities Exclude Lines Lurching Into Nexus - Eternally Separated Tony McCoy O'Grady, who always wondered why concentric circles do not qualify as 'parallel'.
RADIUSRip A Diameter Into Uniform Sections Angela Brett
SHAPESolidity Has A Physical Embodiment Tony McCoy O'Grady
SPHERESolid Paradigm Having Every Radius Equal Angela Brett
SQUAREShape Quadrilateral, Unvaryingly A Rightangled Equilateral Tony McCoy O'Grady
SQUARESSome Quadrangles Use Angles Right; Even Sides. Roger Williams
TRIANGULARThis Really Is A Nice Geometric Unit... Lines Are Reduced. Angela Brett
TROCHOIDTracing Rolling Of Circle Has One Immediately Dizzy! Angela Brett