Have you seen Different Thought?

If cheesy rhyming poetry is not your first language, a prose version is available here.

If anyone tries to sell you a PowerBook 1400cs/133 with a floppy drive in the expansion bay and a few cracks behind the screen at the bottom, it might be my Different Thought. Here's the story of what happened to Different Thought.

My story is a true one,
that once upon a time
A magic man from far away
turned blues into key lime.

I took my laptop to the shop
asked, “Can you fix this crack up?”
the price said no, so off I went,
I wish I’d made a backup...
I did not know my Apple
was headed toward its fate;
‘Twas left inside a phone booth,
forgotten by my date.

We realised it was missing
as we pulled up to his dwelling...
an awful shock indeed, it was -
you should have heard the yelling!

We quickly asked my sister,
to run just up the way
and check inside that phone booth
while I could only pray.

some anxious minutes later,
she’d looked in every nook;
was back in her apartment
without my PowerBook.

Next day there was a phone call,
answered by my beau,
I thought my Mac would be returned,
but then he told me no!

“He’s holding it to ransom,
the asking price is big...
I said that I would meet him -
now I’ll invite the pigs.”

I waited at my boyfriend’s home,
tweaking his old Mac,
hoping against hope that
he’d bring my own one back

At last I heard the story,
the police had played their role -
arrested for extortion
a man named Noel Lenole.

The onlookers were most amused,
I’m sure it made their day -
But as for where my Mac was,
the thief just would not say,

Whether it was hidden,
or swapped for cash and dope,
recovering my laptop
was a quickly dwindling hope.

I took a little comfort
from telling this strange tale,
and then, with boyfriend’s Linux box
fetched electronic mail.

Now, earlier that year
as a birthday gift to me,
my sis arranged a phone call
from an Apple deity...

The company co-founder
teacher, prankster and inventor,
Steve Wozniak’s a friend to all,
to many he’s a mentor

Now, this time my big sister,
had told Steve Wozniak
of how my Mac was taken
by a greedy maniac

She’d forwarded me the answer,
from Wozniak, no less -
“I’ll send a brand new laptop
if you give me her address!

It won’t have all the old ports,
but rather, something higher...
Instead of old Mac Serial:
USB and firewire.

It won’t connect to old things
and that could be a problem -
it won’t have all her data,
but it will be new and modern.”

Despite all my lost data,
I’m sure I needn’t say
the thought of a new iBook
more than made my day!

The same shop that I’d gone to
the day I’d lost my Mac
were delighted with an order
from famous Wozniak.

It came with twice the memory
that my old Mac had before,
imagine my surprise to find
‘The Woz’ had added more!

And so concludes my story
of once upon a time,
when Woz bought me an iBook
coloured in key lime.

I've made some web pages for my new iBook, who for the moment is called myBook - they're here. Different Thought's web pages, apart from this one, are still as they were before she was lost - click here to see the old front page, or use the links at the bottom of the page to see the others.
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