"...all a bit strange..."
from "Carousel" by some guy called Moose, featuring backing vocals by Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries

Wow, I just updated this page after a couple of years of dead links and incorrect information. Yep, I do have friends... not all of them have web pages though. Here (in alphabetical order) are the ones who do:

Dustan Dowsing - The man with the cavernous bellybutton. He seems to have disappeared, perhaps he fell into it.
Alex Fielding - This link works now!
Grace Francis - She amazes! If you ever need something translated between German and English, or you want to know about music, God or anything else crazy, go here.
Edwin Hermann - He's the one who's letting me have my web pages at his cool domain name - and now you can have yours there too! He runs the New Zealand Daily Poll. Oh, and he also did the cgis for my ACRONYMS forums.
Steve Keate - the man who lost my Mac. These pages are very old. He also runs
Jack Machiela - a dirty old man in the Netherlands who knows a lot about the Machiela family, and has a grape iMac DV. I made his web pages, but there is still more he wants me to do with them, so they're not quite the finished product. He said ages ago he wanted me to do more with his pages but he still hasn't told me what yet.
Tony McCoy O'Grady - Master acronymist. We met when he became the first person to pay for my shareware, and we ended up creating ACRONYMS - A Casual Roundup Of Novelties in Your Message System. His website has lots of pictures of Ireland and other things, suitable for desktop pictures or screensavers.
My Apples - Homepages of kMac, Different Thought, iZac and myBook (hint: they're computers)

A few of my family members also have web pages - my sister Liz hosts my website and several others on her telehoused box named Uranus, and I'm not even sure where her homepage is now... but if you want to see some of the other websites she hosts (mostly about linux) go to You have to be nice to her because she's hosting my website and also if it weren't for her I wouldn't have this iBook. You should also be nice to Woz for that.

My father has a website (which I made) for his business, John Brett Technology, which deals mostly with vehicle certification.

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